Lead Link Media Pay Per Call Marketing Transparency

With Lead Link Media's pay per call marketing online dashboard, you have the ability to see the phone calls we’ve sent, as well as track how well they’ve helped your business grow. We must do our job by effectively marketing your company online and making your phone ring, and you must do your job by answering the phone and servicing new customers.
Lead Link Media Pay Per Call Marketing Has Zero Risk

Lead Link Media stands behind its product because we it works. But it only works if our clients answer their phone. If your phone doesn't ring with new potential customers you pay us nothing.
Lead Link Media Pay Per Call Marketing Live Call Tracking

Lead Link Media Pay Per Call uses both unique and dynamic source tracking numbers. Unique tracking numbers are the phone numbers that are specially created for that specific business. It gives us the ability to show advertiser and publisher partners clear tracking reports of how an ad is performing. The generated calls from different unique numbers allows for better analytics and improvements to different campaigns. For online Pay Per Call ads, unique code is attached to websites to track calls from online sources, as well as to provide insight into data such as keyword search leading to the online point of connection.
Lead Link Media Pay Per Call Marketing Online Channels

Lead Link Media Pay Per Call Marketing opens up many channels for advertisers. Depending on the service or product that the advertiser is promoting, Lead Link Media would consider a variety of different online options that will work. This can include Google, Yahoo, Bing to name a few.

We focus on the online marketing part, so you can focus on running your business. Please give us a call to see if Lead link Media and your business are a good fit.



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