Database Integration/Content Manager 

Database design, database integration with graphical user interfaces (GUIs), GUI design, all custom programming and server technologies development. We also develop the look-and-feel for our sites, including graphic design, front end interface design, and navigation design.
For clients whose needs entail frequent updates, we develop database-driven sites. Through implementing site-wide content management systems, we create a system that is inexpensive to maintain. Clients can make changes to their sites using a straightforward interface and then implement these changes in an orderly fashion.

Our data entry services are focused on two primary factors - accuracy and deliverability. Data entry screens are custom developed based on the data capture objectives of the program and can come from any number of sources. Since a database is only as good as the quality of the data from which it's compiled, our data entry process includes data standardization and correction for every record.
We can design systems that fully integrate with most standalone accounting programs and database programs.
Our Process

Our database development services are customized to the individual needs of each client. We focus on developing each database to meet the long-term, strategic objectives of the client's business. The database development process involves the following steps: 
Needs analysis determine database objectives, tactical demands, required data fields, various transaction data sources, and update frequency.
Project planning "Critical Path" layout, time estimate and logical development.

Database development program code development, transaction processing, transaction posting, and database update routines, edit checks, data tables, report development, and file access.
Transaction processing, file reformat, edit checks, address standardization, zip code correction, enhancement coding.
Report generation with each update with custom reports designed in the database development phase is executed.
Our Tools

Microsoft ® SQL Server 7.0 SQL Server 7.0 is the leading Microsoft Windows® database management system, bringing scalable business solutions, powerful data warehousing, and integration with Microsoft Office 2007 to your enterprise. Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 brings business advantage and improved decision making to all levels of the organizations. SQL Server 7.0 offers broad availability of tailored solutions for business operations, electronic commerce, and mobile computing. It delivers a single code base-scaling from a PC to multiprocessor clusters-providing 100 percent application compatibility. SQL Server 7.0 provides a comprehensive platform that makes it easy to design, build, manage, and use data warehousing solutions, enabling your organization to make effective business decisions based on timely and accurate information.
Microsoft ® Access The Microsoft Access 2007 relational database integrates and organizes information from spreadsheets and other databases, providing the easy way to find answers, share information over Intranets and the Internet, and build faster business solutions. Microsoft Access 2007 offers greatly enhanced 32-bit performance, including smaller forms, more efficient compilation, and better data manipulation technology. Other improvements substantially reduce the technical know-how you need to build fast, flexible interactive sites. Access allows creating a well-organized, more responsive database.
ActiveX controls are among the many types of components that use COM technologies to provide interoperability with other types of COM components and services. ActiveX controls are the third version of OLE controls (OCX), providing a number of enhancements specifically designed to provide integration of controls into Web browsers. These enhancements include features such as incremental rendering and code signing, to allow users to identify the authors of controls before allowing them to execute.
PHP & MYSQL PHP and MYSQL are excellent tools for developing affordable and scalable solutions for small to midsized business. By using open source code we are able to easily adapt the changing technology environment around us. UNIX / LINIX Additional we provide both UNIX and LINX platforms for those customers that require the most powerful solution for their budget. Both UNIX & LINX have proven to be an ever greater and desirable platform for the small to midsize operation. Based on cost and scalability it is the most desired resource available today.

We hope this has covered the basics for you, but please do contact us if you have more questions.


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