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How can Lead Link Media Pay Per Call simplify a marketing strategy to help the business owner grow their business? 

That was the question that started it all for us. Rewind to 2003 – our business begins with a few good clients who needed everything “web”. Before we knew it, we were building lots of websites from scratch and then watching as no one visited because our advertisers failed to do SEO or Buy Traffic.

Then of course it become more than just websites, everyone needed to find the right marketing that delivered the correct kind of new visitors or potential customers to our websites. And we quickly discovered that this was an intricate and complicated part of growing a business. Our advertisers struggled to understand Impressions and Clicks and Audiences and the different ways that marketing works and can be measured.

Lead Link Media consistently communicated with advertisers that they wished things were easier. That maybe, what if, they only had to pay for all of this online advertising “when my phone rings with an actual interested caller”…?

Well... That’s it, how about we make our advertisers only Pay Per Call and Lead Link Media Pay Per Call was born.



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