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By: Lead Link Local SEO Orange County CA (888) 471-0324 on Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Engaging with others through various social networks can have a very positive effect on your search engine rankings. Google, Bing and Yahoo take into account all the shares and links that you generate. With this in mind, we recommend active participation in Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and others that connect you with potential customers and connect them to your business.


What we also recommend is that you maintain a social reputation that befits your business. That means operating with a high level of integrity whenever you are online. Your online presence should match your "in store" presence. When you interact with a client on the phone or in person, you will naturally be polite, considerate and helpful. Keep that same demeanor in your virtual connections as well.


Also, remember to let your conscious guide you towards others with good reputations. Whatever connections you make online are noted, so stay away from sites run by those you would not pursue as customers. Maintaining a good reputation means playing by the rules, keeping good friends, and distancing yourself from those who might damage your name by association. 

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Source: Lead Link Local SEO Orange County CA (888) 471-0324


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